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Amazing Author Visits


I'm now available for author visits to your school. I can take assemblies, workshops or just pop by for a Q&A or signing. Everything is presented in an engaging way that encourages participation from the students (and sometimes from the teachers too). I talk about ideas, reading, writing, and most importantly how I make loads and loads of mistakes.

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Thanks @gomabbitt @PuffinBooks for preview of fun, inspiring school event for The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones!
— @pickledbooks
Will entertained them and enthused them about his book in a way only an author can and they loved it so much that the experience has stayed with them. They not only read his first book but all the new books in the series too. Basically, they proved to me that something I believe in passionately does make that difference... Meeting an author really can light that spark and once a child is a reader, all studies show that the benefits and possibilities for their futures are endless.
— @MrsBurnsey, Librarian